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Welcome to Sinburg Kennels


At Sinburg we strive to provide each dog with individualized and expert care.

Collectively, we at Sinburg Kennels have more than 55 years of dog management and training experience and we draw from a formal educational background in behaviour and animal welfare to develop our ‘best practices’ which include:


  • a 30-minute one on one greeting time with your dog following your departure to help him/her adjust and to reduce the stress of your leaving;

  • daily on-leash or off-leash exercise walks in our secure park-like setting—for exercise and sniffing enjoyment;

  •  rotation to outdoor yards for urination-defecation multiple times during the day;

  • indoor socialization with other dogs (if desired);

  • clean, new facility designed with noise reduction in mind;  

  • cozy, indoor runs each with access to a private, covered outdoor run;

  • safe and secure environment.  As a small operation, we are able to be on a personal first name basis with your pet!  Since we live a few feet from the kennel building and we are on site day and night, we keep close tabs on our canine guests, even through the night.

  • provision of fresh, clean country well water for drinking.   We are very well versed in raw feeding and will happily feed your pet their raw diet while s/he is with us.

  • administering of medications, as required.

  • provision of environmental enrichment in the kennels—toys, blankets, etc., although many of our clients like to bring favourite toys and bedding from home for their pets, which is fine, too.


Sinburg’s goal is for each and every dog to enjoy a happy, comfortable and seamless experience while vacationing with us. 


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